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ASKET Maritime Resources

ASKET offer free resources to support the maritime industry. With the aim to provide support across the industry. We have developed a free to use mobile phone app, we also provide daily and weekly piracy and intelligence reports and advice and guidance. 


ASKET our proud to have been shortlisted for the Safety4Sea Cyber Award 2018, awarded the GDS Broker of the Year 2017, shortlisted for the Safety for Sea 'Best Security Product or Service of the Year' 2017 and in 2016 we were finalists in the Lloyds List North American Awards.

Monday Briefing & Daily Alerts

Piracy, Maritime Security, Maritime CyberSecurity; News, Alerts & Updates


Welcome to ASKETs weekly security update, seen by over 2,000 Maritime Professionals in 35 countries!

Maritime Security App

The Bridge and Planning Tool for all CSO, SSO Masters and Bridge Crew - now over 60 pages! 

To assist with the planning and prevention of maritime crime and piracy the app can be used in the office or on the bridge of a ship with much of the information required at the SSO or Masters fingertips.

Available on iOS and android, this is a must have app for anyone involved in vessel security, ship broking, management or insurance.

Anti Piracy Bridge Cards

Free Bridge Card for Masters and Watch Officers for use when operating in High Risk waters and anchorages, with or without embarked security teams.

Find out more information on the development of the bridge cards and to Download your free copies of the Anti Piracy Bridge Card and Security Zones Bridge Card, please follow the link.

Armed Guards - Guidelines for Masters

It can be a daunting situation for a Master to have armed security on his vessel, especially if for the first time.

These guidelines and check list have been designed to help the Master or SSO to better understand what to expect from the PMSC team that has been allocated by his company to protect his vessel.

Lessons Learnt - Pirate Attack

This paper and accompanying PowerPoint discusses a real incident that occurred in the Indian Ocean in recent times

It outlines the steps taken to prepare the vessel and crew for a transit of the High Risk Area (HRA), the armed attack by a pirate action group (PAG), the response by security team and crew and the lessons learned from this incident and other experiences which the author believes are valuable and should be shared with the shipping community.

Pirate Attack - Presentation

This Powerpoint and accompanying Paper discusses a real incident that occurred in the Indian Ocean in recent times

It outlines the steps taken to prepare the vessel and crew for a transit of the High Risk Area (HRA), the armed attack by a pirate action group (PAG), the response by security team and crew and the lessons learned from this incident and other experiences which the author believes are valuable and should be shared with the shipping community.

UKMTO MIEVOM - Maritime Security: Quality, Compliance & Reliance

ASKET Ltd were delighted to present at the UKMTO MIEVOM 


We discussed whether to ensure compliance there has to be a minimum cost for PMSC's to do business.


Does the constant slashing of pricing undermine the industry and support those PMSCs that are willing to cut corners and take risks.


Does this place the shipping company, insurer and cargo owner at risk?

RPG Attack Guidelines

RPGs have been used in the past by Pirates to intimidate vessels crews to give way to a boarding for hijack. Read ASKET Guidance notes on the threat from RPG's and mitigation measures.

Personal Security

Recent events had made us all think about our safety and security not only in day to day life, but also when travelling.

Seafarers travel everyday to and from countries that are deemed high risk, whether it is from petty crime, or terrorism they are often alone, and not always prepared.

ASKET have complied a list of tips to help those travelling alone for work or on vacation with their families, we hope it helps keep you and your loved ones safe.

Pre-Transit - HRA Quiz

This Quiz is designed for Bridge Officers and Vessel Crew's to test their own knowledge and revise on Best Practices before transiting the High Risk Area with input from various authorities and organisations.

A word version is available to send to vessels and can be requested by contacting Emma Biggs


ASKET MarSec Maritime Security App - Mar

Free ASKET Check lists and Guides:

  • Stow Aways

  • Bomb Threat

  • Security Alongside

  • Security at Anchor

  • Security at Sea

  • Ship Search

  • ISPS Code Security Levels

  • UNCLOS Maritime Zones

  • Crisis Management

  • Personal Security and Travel Tips

(available via the App or PDF on request)

ASKET MarSec MAritime Security App - Bri

Bridge and Crew Training:

  • Crew briefing

  • Bridge Training

  • Anti Piracy Rehearsals



(available via the ASKET MarSec App or PDF on request)


The BMP5 (click image and follow link to download) provides useful updates to masters in implementing Ship Protection Measures to reduce the risk of being pirated.

While the master is ultimately responsible for actions within his ship, there is an expectation that all ships will register in advance with MSCHOA and report to UKMTO upon entering the High Risk Area.

Global Counter Piracy Guidance - ASKET.p

Global Counter Piracy Guidance For Companies, Masters and Seafarers


The purpose of this guidance is to protect seafarers, the ship and cargo and, to facilitate threat and risk assessment and planning for voyages transiting areas where the threat of attack by pirates and armed robbers exists.

OCIMF - Ship Hardening Guidelines - ASKE

OCIMF: Guidelines to Harden Vessels


OCIMF has released new guidelines to bring together best practice both  board vessels and for owners and operators to provide the tools to make informed decisions about security measures for their fleet

OCIMF-Ship Security-Bridge Security Stud

OCIMF: Ship Security -Bridge Vulnerability Study 

To determine the effects of weapons fired at the bridge of tankers and to recommend effective ship hardening measures to mitigate the threat.

19_03_01-OCIMF_Ship Hull Vulnerability S

OCIMF - Ship Hull Vulnerability Study

OCIMF have released the findings from a computer based study conducted on the vulnerability of Merchant Vessel hulls against various explosive attack methods including:

  • Anti - Ship Missiles (ASM)

  • Water Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (WBIED)

  • Anti Tank Guided Weapons (ATGW)

The model used was a Arfamax Tanker and the aim of teh study was to determine


  • The likely hood of injury to seafarers

  • The effect on crew evacuation routes

  • The scale of damage

Maritime Global Security Website- ASKET.

Maritime Global Security Website

The Maritime Security web site is maintained as a collaborative effort by some of the shipping industry associations.

Listed alphabetically, these associations are:



West Africa Operations_Gulf of Guinea_WA
West Africa Operations_Chart_Gulf of Gui

Operating Vessels in West Africa?

ASKET West Africa Operations page, a one stop resource for all your Escort Vessel or Guards requirements....

Need security vessels, guards?


Paying too much?


ASKET Ltd is a leading security brokerage providing a professional and fully independent service working in direct support of the shipping and oil and gas industry, our mission is to alleviate many of the time and cost pressures associated with the contracting of security providers, agents and suppliers.

Our free broking services in West Africa are unique contact Simon, Helen, John or Emma for more information.

20_01_19_IMSC Bridge Card_ASKET.PNG
20_01_19_IMSC Bridge Card.2_ASKET.PNG

GMDSS/ NAVTEX Met Areas Chart


Inmarsat-C SafetyNET GMDSS Weather Forecasts

Regional forecasts for the region via the internet are available via JCOMM website, and via a link here.

Current guidance issued by the International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC) (Supplied via UKMTO)


If boarding attempted, industry best pratice:


• Manoeuvre away from danger

• Report to UKMTO - as above

• Use of the Citadel within a TSS is to be carefully considered

• If persistent - do not endanger your vessel or your people - slow down and allow to board




The IMSC works alongside existing reporting mechanisms.


Vessels should continue to report to UKMTO in the VRA as designated by chart Q6099/6111; in addition, should provide to UKMTO:


• ETA at the Suez Canal

• ETA at the start of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait Traffic Separation Scheme

• ETA at the start of the Strait of Hormuz Traffic Separation Scheme UKMTO will inform IMSC;


IMSC will pass to warships / aircraft which will provide surveillance and assurance to you in critical chokepoints, and deterrence to those intent on malign activity.




• Keep AIS on

• Transit chokepoints at best speed

• Avoid Strait of Hormuz Western TSS

• Avoid TTW where possible

• Private Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) should not be used as a risk mitigation measure in these waters Reference: media/041/2019-07-03-industry-guidance.pdf

• Refer to latest BMP (currently BMP5)