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Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services Updates

Cyber Security Services 

Cyber Security is the fastest growing threat to the modern world, with our continued and immersed reliance on technology to communicate, run businesses.


A cyber attack would be crippling to any industry or individually run business both operationally and financially. The treat is active and growing. 

 Offering advice on potential cyber security risks, security levels, or setting of security parameters and requirements

Management support of the tendering process, through life monitoring and quality assurance


Supporting services including travel services, tracking, monitoring and intelligence

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ASKET Client Support Process


Independent reviews and risk audits to determine levels of risk

Advising on security policy, security levels, or setting of security parameters and requirements

Management of the tendering process

Assigned ASKET client manager, security advisor or broker to monitor and review selection, and award of contract

Through life monitoring and quality assurance

Client specific selection and audits of security providers


Supporting services including tracking, monitoring and intelligence


The ASKET consultancy, operations and broking team are drawn from various backgrounds including corporate risk, military, and insurance professionals.


We work directly in support of our Corporate Clients to provide a professional end to end service.

Company security policy, risk assessments, risk appetite, political risk and minimum insurance criteria can all be used to support the consultancy and tendering process.


The ASKET Team are there to support our clients from delivery,  through life to project completion.