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Maritime Services

ASKET Armed Security Transit Management

Maritime Services

Maritime shipping has seen the rise and fall of piracy over the recent decade. With this in mind ASKET is perfectly placed to broker deals between Ship owner and private maritime security companies.


We monitor all PMSC's on a transit by transit basis from an independent platform, check Weapons Licences & EUC's and monitor compliance. 

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Live Feedback

We are so confident in our service that we have shown below real time live feedback as it is collected from CSO's, Operations and QHSE Teams, see why we are trusted by our clients both large and small


Providing a personal and professional touch.


The ASKET broking and consultancy team work directly in support of our Shipping Clients to provide a professional end to end service

Company security policy, pre-transit risk assessments and minimum insurance criteria can all be used to support the broking process.

ASKET Quote Process

Quote Comparison Process


Review the transit requirement with CSO

Prepare and distribute RFQ’s to PMSC’s

Check suitability and accuracy of RFQ returns


Collate 3-5 quotations in a uniform format for each transit

Prepare and deliver Transit Proposal to CSO

Inform successful PMSC & handle communications to unsuccessful parties


Monitor contract engagement, GUARDCON, Flag State Approval, embarkation and disembarkation of teams


Review end to end service provided by PMSC, collate feedback, review suitability, compliance and Tier Level

ASKET Weapons Tracking
ASKET Weapons, Licence Report
ASKET Review process


Go to our West Africa Operations Page for all our Security Services in the region:

Escort Vessels

Armed Security

Bridge Security Advisors​


ASKET can  also provide a selection of the following services:

Risk Analysis to Support Business Planning

Review of Company Security Policy / Fleet Review

Vessel / Platform Risk Assessment

Tracking / Risk Analysis / Transit Monitoring

Hardening Equipment



The ASKET team will provide you with independent advice and options to support you with your decision making process.

ASKET West Africa

Legal Compliance

​Through our unique Data Base ASKET Compliance team monitors Weapons, licences and End User Certificates on a transit by transit basis and checks the legalities of those weapons for its clients.

ASKET directly supports the Flag State Approval process.

We can also provide over site on other issues such as legality of floating armouries, equipment suitability and competency of contracted Maritime Security Officers.

West Africa Operations_Gulf of Guinea_WA

Monitoring & Post Transit

Transit reports and post transit reports will be collated and monitored by the broking and consultancy team, reports will include:


PMSC reports and returns


Masters feedback forms


CSO’s feedback reports


These reports are used to ensure the level of service being provided is at the highest professional level and used to evaluate tier levels and preferred contractor status.

Approved Providers

ASKET Approved Providersare vetted and then monitored on an operational task or transit by transit basis.


 We will and do refuse, fail or remove providers from our approved provider list for non compliance or issues which may cause our clients financial or reputational risk.