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Weekly Maritime Security and Piracy News and Update Number 29, 31st December 2015

Welcome to this weeks FREE update, going out to over 1500 Maritime Professionals in more than 35 countries!

In this weeks issue;

Maritime Security, Threat and Piracy Reports

  • UKMTO Weekly Piracy Reports

  • ONI Security and Threat Reports

  • IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report

  • NYA Weekly Summary

Periodical Reports and Assessments

  • ReCAAP Guide for Tankers Operating in Asia against Piracy and Armed Robbery Involving Oil Cargo Theft

  • Danish Intelligence Service - Risk Assessment

  • United Nations Security Council Report - October 2015

  • ReCAAP Q3 Quarterly Report

  • NYA Q3 2015 Piracy Assessment

  • ReCAAP Monthly Reports 2015 - October Report

  • IMB ICC Q3 2015 Piracy Report

  • Revision to the HRA - NYA Report

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