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ONI West Africa Incident Reports

(U) Vessels Fired Upon/Attempted Boardings:

1. (U) NIGERIA: On 19 January, pirates in two speed boats chased and fired upon an underway vehicle carrier near position 03:52 N - 005:33 E, 37 nm southwest of Bayelsa. Master raised the alarm and activated SSAS, mustered all crew and activated the water hoses. After three hours, the pirates abandoned the chase. One crew member reported minor injury. Remaining crew safe. (IMB)

2. (U) NIGERIA: On 9 January, a speedboat with five armed men approached the AUNTY JULIE oil platform in the Coinoil Oil Field, near position 04:25 N - 005:35 E. The MV SUNSHINE, the security vessel for the area, approached the speed boat. Both boats briefly exchanged gun fire and the speed boat left the area.

(U) Other Activity: No incidents to report.

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