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PMSC Breaches of UN Sanctions Sudan & South Sudan

Sudan and South Sudan are not permitted destinations on either the UK ‘Open General Trade Control Licence (Maritime Anti-Piracy)’ or the ‘Open General Trade Control Licence (Trade and Transportation; Small Arms and Light weapons)’ (Export Control Organisation, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)) These licences form the basis of UK PMSCs ability to conduct Armed Security operations on client vessels.

Through ASKETs unique broking model and continuous monitoring process of PMSCs we may have identified an ISO:28007 company who may have offered Armed Security Services into Sudanese Ports and so putting the vessel operator at risk.

Through our cost free service the ASKET team helps supports our Shipping Clients to ensure compliance and maintenance of standards from their security suppliers and help mitigate reputation risk and other cost penalties.

Why not contact our brokers today to trial our cost free services.

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