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Weekly Maritime Security Update 40 - 10th - 17th March 2016

1. Maritime Security, Threat and Piracy Reports

UKMTO Weekly Piracy Reports

ONI Security and Threat Reports

IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report

MTISC-Gulf of Guinea Alerts

NYA Weekly Summary

2. This Weeks News and Updates

Two attacks in quick succession in the GoG on 11th March

Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea to Sign Maritime Security Agreement

Crew suspected of ferrying guns to Iran-backed rebels in Yemen Set Free

From Nigeria to Singapore: How low crude oil prices are changing pirates' tactics

Who Monitors PMSCs Costs and Compliance between Audits on a Transit by Transit Basis?

Iran sanctions - update on the International Group's efforts to arrange a 'fall-back' reinsurance

MT Maximus Hijacking Chronology of Events

Nigerian Navy Arrests Tanker Hijack Suspect

Pirate kingpin 'Big Mouth' gets 20 years

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