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West Africa Services


ASKET has adapted its successful Indian Ocean broking model to support Shipping Companies trading or contemplating trading in the high risk areas off West Africa where the littoral states’ prohibition on the use of armed PMSC’s on board vessels in their territorial waters making it more complicated to protect vessels and crews.

The ASKET process will assist us in gathering the required information of services and fees available from a selection of ASKET or Company approved security providers and PMSC’s depending on your requirements, route and ports, the vessel risk assessment or transit risk score.

ASKET can also help you to develop a Company Security Policy for operating in West Africa, so that appropriate services can be selected against the company / vessel risk profile and insurance criteria.

Through our Service providers ASKET can provide a selection of the following services:

  • Risk Analysis to Support Business Planning

  • Review of Company Security Policy / Fleet Review

  • Vessel / Platform Risk Assessment

  • Tracking / Risk Analysis / Transit Monitoring

  • Hardening Equipment

  • Bridge Security Advisors

  • Armed Local Security Teams

  • Escort Vessels

The ASKET team will provide you with independent advice and options to support you with your decision making process.

Please download and complete the ASKET TRF to the best of your ability or call us so that our Brokers can begin the process.

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