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Pirate Attack Nigeria - Hostages Taken

Further reports claim the vessel is the Malta flagged Oil Chemical tanker MT Puli.

Ref: IMB/PRC/Alert - 042/2016

111015 UTC Apr 2016

To: All ships transiting Nigeria waters / Gulf of Guinea

Warning Warning Warning

11.04.2016: 0130 LT in position 02:48.4N - 006:40.9E, around 118nm SSW of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Eight pirates in a speed boat armed with rifles boarded a chemical tanker while enroute from Douala port to Abidjan port. The pirates stole cash, ship’s properties, crew personal belongings and kidnapped six crew members and escaped. The tanker continued her passage towards a safe port. No injuries to crew.

Vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution and keep clear of the position given in this report and maintain maximum CPA with any ship acting suspiciously.

Early assessment / detection will allow ships to take evasive measures to prevent boarding and request for assistance.

All attacks and suspicious sightings should be reported.

International Maritime Bureau (IMB)

Piracy Reporting Centre ( PRC )

Tel : +(60 3) 2078 5763 / 2031 0287 / 2031 3106

24 Hrs ANTI PIRACY HELPLINE: + 60 3 2031 0014 ( Manned 24 Hrs everyday )

Fax: + 60 3 2078 5769

General E-mail :

Piracy E-mail:

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