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Container Ship Attacked 2 Crew Taken

CMA CGM Turquoise attacked

Attack / Kidnap - MTISC-GoG Alert # 064

Date: 11-04-2016

Place: Off Nigeria

The MTISC-GOG has received a report indicating that at about 2156 UTC on 11-April-2016 a vessel was attacked while en-route from Lagos to Douala in approximate position; 04 07.33’N 005 24.12’E.

SSAS Activated and all but two crew members on board went to Citadel, the two crew outside of the Citadel are suspected to have been kidnapped.

Investigations and searching of the vessel being conducted by Nigerian Navy as at 1200 LT on 12.04.16

#Nigeria #GulfofGuinea #SecurityAlert

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