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ReCAAP ISC's 1st Quarterly Piracy Report 2016

No hijacking of tankers for theft of oil cargo since September 2015

No unauthorized boarding of ships while underway in Singapore Straits since December 2015

ReCAAP ISC considers as contributing factors the following:

  • Proactive measures by enforcement agencies (Intensified patrolling, Enhanced surveillance, Apprehension of mastermind/perpetrators)

  • Close cooperation among all stakeholders in information sharing and operational responses

  • Timely reporting, enhanced vigilance and adopting of best practices by ship master/ crew/operator


  • Overall situation continued to improve during January-March 2016

  • However, of concern was the incident involving kidnapping of crew from tug boat

  • Worth commending was arrest made by ICG in February 2016

  • No room for complacency. No one agency can do it alone; we need cooperation and coordination of the littoral States, shipping industry and relevant stakeholders in working towards our shared commitment in keeping the sea in Asia safe Brahma 12

Download the Single sheet summary here

Download the full report here


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