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ASKET Ltd Weekly Maritime Security and Piracy News and Update Number 46, 28th April 2016

Weekly Update - 15th - 28th April 2016; 1. Maritime Security, Threat and Piracy Reports

  • UKMTO Weekly Piracy Reports

  • ONI Security and Threat Reports

  • IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report

  • MTISC-Gulf of Guinea Alerts

  • NYA Weekly Summary

  • West Africa Vessel Protection Services

2. This Weeks News and Updates

  • Resetting the Stage for Somali Piracy?

  • Mother Vessel and Two High-Speed Skiffs in the HRA

  • Merchant Vessel Attacked off of Yemen

  • 44 Seafarers Captured as Violence Rises in West Africa

  • ASKET gets award nod

  • SAMI goes into Liquidation after Membership Halves

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