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ASKET Proves its Independent Position in the Industry after the loss of SAMI

As an organisation we were sad to see the loss of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), an organisation that worked hard to provide a shipping industry under threat with the support and advice they needed in hard times.
But where do Shipping Companies turn after an organisation such as SAMI goes into voluntary liquidation?
The answer is simple; ASKET. ASKET is a truly independent broker and as such works for the Shipping Industry and not the Security Industry, we have refused, failed and removed PMSCs from our approved supplier list for non compliance or issues which we believe may effect the reputation or cause a shipping company financial risk. We do not charge the Shipping Industry directly for our services, nor do we charge any membership fees to the PMSCs on our approved list. We are the only company monitoring PMSCs on a transit by transit basis and holding them to account if something is not right No other player in this market supports the shipping industry as ASKET does, we are driving compliance, quality and protecting your reputation on a daily basis.​​ Why not join some of the worlds largest ship owners and managers and try us out today, its Free.

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