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Tanker Hijacked and Intercepted in Indonesia

073-1607.05.2016: 2045 LT: Posn: 02:04.48S – 108:39.27E, Around 21nm South of Pulau Serutu, Indonesia.

A product tanker underway, enroute from Singapore to Sunda Straits was boarded by armed pirates.

They took hostage all crew members and hijacked the tanker. As the Owners failed to receive the updates from the Master, they reported the incident to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre who in turn reported and liaised with the Indonesian Authorities.

The IMB PRC sent a broadcast to all ships to look out for the hijacked tanker. The Indonesian Navy dispatched their patrol boats, located and intercepted the tanker and rescued the crew. Nine pirates detained. All crew reported safe.

IMB ICC Piracy Reporting Centre

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