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Yemen United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism (UNVIM)

The United Nations Secretary-General has decided to institute a United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism (UNVIM) for the facilitation of commercial imports to Yemen, at the request of the Government of the Republic of Yemen and in line with Security Council resolution 2216 (2015).

UNVIM is operational with immediate effect.

Shipping companies or vessel owners shipping commercial goods or services to any port not under the direct control of the Government of Yemen (Salif, Mokha, Hudaydah and associated oil terminals) need to apply for permits upon departure of the port of origin of their cargo.

The Yemen Ministry of Transport will no longer accept permits for those ports after 5 MAY 2016.

All Yemen-based importers/traders who intend to import respective goods are required to submit a notification form. Vessels applying to go to ports under the control of the Government of Yemen (Aden and Mukalla) need to continue to apply through the Yemeni Ministry of Transportation.

UNVIM applies only to commercial imports and bilateral assistance going to Yemeni ports outside of the authority of the Government of Yemen.

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