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Attempted Approach Multiple Skiffs and Ladder Seen - Gulf of Aden

16.05.2016: 0512 UTC: Posn: 14:45N – 050:58E, Gulf of Aden.

A security team from Solace Global responded to an approach by multiple skiffs upon a merchant vessel they were protecting.

At 05.12 UTC off the Southern Coast of Yemen, the Solace Global armed security team were approached by five skiffs which came within 90 metres of the vessel.

On board the skiffs ladders were sighted along with three to five people.

The Solace team fired warning shots and the vessel took evasive action.

Master contacted the authorities and a nearby Japanese warship dispatched its helicopter, which resulted in the skiffs aborting and moving away.

This is the third report this week of suspicious activity from the area.

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