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IMB ICC Piracy & Armed Robbery - Last 7 Days

087-1614.05.2016: 0400 LT: Posn: 23:02N - 070:13E, Berth Iffco-5, Kandla

Port, India.

A robber boarded a berthed LPG tanker, stole ship’s properties and escaped. The incident was discovered later by the crew during routine rounds.

086-1623.05.2016: 2000 LT: Posn: Island View Berth No.9, Durban Port, South Africa.

An unauthorized person disguised as a bunker crew boarded a berthed tanker while ship’s crew were busy with bunkering operations. He entered into the accommodation and stole crew members cash and properties from the cabins. Incident reported to port control.

085-1619.05.2016: 0430 LT: Posn: 01:11N – 103:57E, Batam Anchorage, Indonesia.

Four robbers in a small craft boarded an anchored research vessel, stole ship’s properties and escaped.

084-1627.03.2016: 0610 LT: Posn: Yangzhou Conch Terminal, China.

Robbers disguised as stevedores boarded a berthed bulk carrier during cargo operations and escaped with ship’s properties. Duty crew on routine rounds noticed the theft and raised the alarm. Crew mustered and a search was carried out. Incident reported to port authorities through local agents.

083-1629.04.2016: 0020 – 0140 LT: Posn: 38:55.5N – 119:13.8E, Jingtang Anchorage, China.

Duty crew onboard an anchored ore carrier noticed the level gauges for the diesel oil tanks lower than normal. The diesel oil tank vents were found damaged with indications of oil being stolen. Incident reported to port authority through the local agents. Upon berthing, the police boarded the ship for investigation.

082-1627.02.2016 to 03.03.2016: Posn: Berth 202, Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, Indonesia.

While at berth, unauthorized persons boarded a bulk carrier and escaped with ship’s properties. The ship departed from berth to OPL Jakarta anchorage where the theft was discovered when the duty crew noticed the store’s padlock broken. Alarm raised and crew mustered. A search was carried out and ship’s properties were reported stolen.

IMB - ICC Live Piracy Report


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