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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report

1. This week’s focus is on the Humanitarian aspects of piracy. The Maritime Executive covers ‘Mark’s’ story (not his real name) who was on a vessel captured in the Indian Ocean in 2009 (b). This story is featured in the joint report by Oceans Beyond Piracy and OEF Research, programmes of the One Earth Future Foundation released in June 2016, entitled ‘After the Release: The Long-Term Behavioral Impact of Piracy on Seafarers and Families’. News Minute recounts the harrowing stories of 3 Indian seafarers, Rohan Ruparelia (38 day ordeal), Sohan Singh (4 year ordeal) and Chirag Bahri (7 month ordeal) of their time held in captivity.

2. Other news highlights the loss of revenue and jobs through illegal fishing in west African waters (d) and the wider threat to Africa’s blue economy (e).

UKMTO Piracy Report

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