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Somalia: Coast Guard Boss to Head EU Mission in Somalia

The Director of the Irish Coast Guard is set to leave his post to become Head of Operations for an EU mission in Somalia.

Chris Reynolds was selected for the position following a public appointment process and it will be the first time that the Irish Coast Guard will be involved in an overseas mission.

The EUCAP Nestor mission aims to assist the development and continued enhancement of maritime security including counter-piracy and maritime governance. The mission carries out activities to reinforce coast guard functions, support the rule of law and the judiciary.

Mr Reynolds has been granted special leave from the Irish Coast Guard to take up the position which will involve assisting Somali authorities to establish a constabulary-style Coast Guard with its related police and legal services.

Mr Reynolds will be responsible for all operational activities and field offices of the mission and will cooperate closely with Somali Federal, regional and local authorities.

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