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ReCAAP ISC's Special Report; Abducting of Crew from Ships in Waters off Eastern Sabah and Southe

ReCAAP Special Report

Following the spate of incidents involving the abducting of crew from ships in waters of eastern Sabah and southern Philippines, the shipping industry is advised to adopt the following measures when in the vicinity:

• Enhance vigilance and increase security watch rotations

• Sound alarm when sighted unknown people on board ship or suspicious boats in the vicinity

• Maintain a continuous watch to the advisories issued on NAVTEX

• Report all incidents in accordance with the IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1334 on ‘Revised guidance to ship owner, ship operator, ship master and crew on preventing and suppressing acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships’

• Maintain continuous communication with shipping company and enforcement agencies

• Avoid confrontation with the perpetrators

• Refer to ReCAAP ISC’s website at for updates on incidents and trends

• Conduct risk assessment

• Reroute/Avoid area if feasible

The shipping industry is advised to report to Philippine Coast Guard’s Operations Centre when their ships are transiting the area; for monitoring by the Philippine Coast Guard and immediate response in any eventualities:

Philippine Coast Guard District Southwestern Mindanao Operation Centre

+63 929686 4129

+63 916626 0689


Modus Operandi

Generally, the modus operandi of the perpetrators involved in the six incidents was fairly similar, except for one incident (Charles 00) where the perpetrators abducted the crew twice within a duration of 75 mins on the same day. In all six incidents, the target was the crew, and not the ships nor its cargo. In two incidents (Brahma 12 and Serudong 3), the tug boats were abandoned after the perpetrators abducted the entire crew.

Read full report here

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