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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report

1. No significant events to report this week.

2. Colin Cosier of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) returns to Eil, a former pirate base in Somalia and reports that although international naval patrols are making the waters safer, there are fears amongst locals that illegal fishing could escalate tensions once again. The article contains a video and transcript (a).

3. Oman’s new ‘Maritime Security Network’ has been declared ‘fully functional’. ‘The network will help the authorities obtain important data regarding the identify, the freight and itinerary of all the vessels in the waters surrounding Oman’ (e).

4. The risk of piracy on the livestock trade is discussed by Dr Lynn Simpson. Reporting for Splash 24/7 Dr Simpson reflects on her time on-board as ships veterinarian and the impact on cargo and crew of being hi-jacked (f).

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