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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report

Command Overview

1. Focused Operation (FO) ‘Taegeukgi’ will be conducted in specific littoral areas off the north eastern Somali coasts (see chart) between 19 – 23 Sep 16 by naval units operating under the Republic of South Korea led Counter Piracy Task Force 151, and with support from other partners including EUNAVFOR. The mission is to:

• Deter and disrupt piracy and/or piracy preparations. • Analyse the pattern of life in the area as the monsoon season transitions to calmer weather.

2. During the operation naval units and aircraft will be out on patrol and will seek interaction with merchant ships as part of their reassurance role (this will include VHF broadcasts in a number of languages and maritime awareness calls).

3. One of the main priorities of FO ‘Taegeukgi’ will be to analyse waterborne and land-based activity as the SW Monsoon abates, and as the local conditions become more favourable for smaller vessels. Units involved in the FO will engage with merchant vessels, fishermen and dhow operators to seek any information that may assist in assessing the risk of a re-emergence of piracy in the region.

4. FO ‘Taegeukgi’ is a genuine naval operation and merchant vessels are invited to interact with naval ships and aircraft if at all possible.

Download full report here

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