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Security in the Gulf of Guinea

West Africa Services

The provision of security services in West African are complex and restricted not only by international as well as local laws and regulations, but also the complications of vessels moving through territorial waters of various states.

West African littoral states prohibit the use of armed PMSCs on vessels in their territorial waters and so engagement of local Navy Personnel in each littoral state is necessary and is normally organise through a local agent.

Contracting can be difficult and GUARDCON West Africa is limited to the employment of Guards on the High Seas and not in territorial waters, and so in most cases is not fit for purpose.

ASKET brokers help to find the best solution for each transit based on local threat, client requirements, also by monitoring capability and past performance of providers, agents and suppliers.

West Africa Service Providers

The quality and capability of service providers in the region varies immensely and there is little or no due diligence conducted by competent authorities that can be utilised by risk managers.

Many of the PMSC’s operating in West Africa have migrated their business model from operating off of the Horn of Africa against Somali Pirates with varying degrees of success.

ASKET overcomes these difficulties by conducting initial vetting for each Approved Provider and then monitoring the service provided on a transit by transit basis across all our shipping clients and so building a comprehensive picture of those providers.

ASKET West Africa services include:

  • Advice on Capability by Country and Port

  • Vetting and Monitoring of Approved Suppliers

  • Fleet, Vessel and Transit Risk Assessment

  • Tracking, Monitoring and Intelligence

  • Guidance on Contracting and GUARDCON

  • Ships Protection Measures

  • Bridge Advisors (Maritime Liaison Officers)

  • Safe Anchorage Area

  • Monitoring Capability and Past Performance of Providers

  • Database of Patrol & Escort Craft

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