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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report

Command Overview

1. There are no significant events to report this week.

2. As reported in depth last week, Focused Operation (FO) ‘Taegeukgi’ will be conducted in specific littoral areas off the north eastern Somali coasts (see chart) between 19 – 23 Sep 16 by naval units operating under the Republic of South Korea led Counter Piracy Task Force 151, and with support from other partners including EUNAVFOR.

3. As part of its mission to monitor fishing activity, a warship from EUNAVOR’s Operation Atalanta provided food and water to Somali fishermen (a), while In the Gulf of Aden, UKMTO assisted in the coordination of a Medical Emergency incident after a distress call was received from an MV with a critically ill crew member. The MV was attended to by a CMF warship and the patient airlifted to hospital (c).

4. The continued risks to ships operating in ports across the Gulf of Aden are highlighted in two reports this week (b) and (d), meanwhile BIMCO comments on the effects the downturn in dry bulk, container and offshore markets is having on the shipbuilding Industry

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