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Singapore Navy warns of increased piracy threat

The Singapore Navy is warning shipowners in the region need to be super aware of a greater piracy threat in the upcoming few days.

The navy’s maritime security information sharing division, the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) has just issued an update which reads as follows: “As the conditions are favourable, IFC assess that the risks of attacks in South China Sea and Singapore Strait from 25 Sep to 05 Oct 16 are high. All ships are reminded to be vigilant and to conduct anti-piracy measures.”

Southeast Asia has become a hotbed of piracy again this year, but mainly to the north in the Celebes and Sulu seas to the south of the Philippines, where Islamic seperatists Abu Sayyaff have been taking seafarers hostage for ransom. Piracy in the area specified by the IFC tends to target small product carriers for fuel theft.

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