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UKMTO Advisory Notice - Bab el Mandeb / Yemen


Category: Maritime Security Incident/SOLAS - Update

Description: On 1 Oct 16 UKMTO advised of a vessel on fire at 0102 UTC in posn 13 06N, 043 08E (Bab el Mandeb straits). Indications are this incident is linked with the Yemen conflict and was a targeted attack from ashore on a specific UAE flagged vessel.

Masters can expect to see an increased coalition warship presence in the Bab el Mandeb straits and as a precaution, should consider the following: maintain the farthest possible distance from the Yemen coast, transit the Bab el Mandeb straits during daylight hours, use the western TSS, increase speed, maintain vigilance and report any unusual activity to UKMTO.

Any queries regarding this Advisory Notice ring 0044 2392 222060 only for further information

UKMTO Watchkeeper


Emergency Tel: +971 5055 23215

Tel: +442392222060

Fax: +971(0)43094254

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