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Global Kidnap Report - September 2016

1. Two Indian nationals have been freed after 14 months in captivity in Libya [p.3]

2. US national teaching in Sana’a kidnapped in Yemen [p.3]

3. Journalist and her child released after 11 months of captivity in Syria [p.3]

4. 14 Nigerian oil workers and their driver kidnapped for ransom rescued in Nigeria [p.4]

5. Eight Tanzanian truck drivers kidnapped by Mai-Mai rebels in DRC [p.4]

6. Foreign nationals of Asian origin targeted for abductions in Mozambique [p.4]

7. Niece of Spanish Football Association’s president kidnapped in Mexico [p.5]

8. Ranch owner rescued after 56 days in captivity in Colombia [p.5]

9. Kidnapped son of Balochistan’s provincial minister released in Pakistan [p.6]

10. Four Indonesian, two Filipino and a Norwegian hostages released in the Philippines [p.6]

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