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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2016 - Reported to IMB ICC in Last 7 days


SUSPICIOUS CRAFT: This incident will not be included in the IMB statistics 03.10.2016: 0650 UTC: Posn: 14:01.37N – 042:49.63E, Red Sea. A chemical tanker underway reported a skiff closing to two cables. The skiff had a black hull with six persons on board wearing black and white clothing, 3-4 weapons sighted. The vessel’s security team showed their presence and the skiff moved away. Vessel safe.


02.10.2016: 0515 LT: Posn: 05:29.7S – 105:17.3E, Panjang Anchorage, Indonesia. Three robbers in a wooden boat approach and boarded an anchored bulk carrier. Duty AB on rounds spotted the robbers and notified the bridge. Hearing the AB reporting via vhf radio, the robbers escaped in their boat empty handed. Crew mustered and a search was carried out. Nothing reported stolen. Port control informed.

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Normal ASKET reports will resume on September 12th

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