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Weather West Africa Meteorological Bulletin MET Area II (Abbreviated) - Cape Verde to Gulf of Guinea

QNT52 LFPW 091935



Weather bulletin on METAREA 2,

METEO-FRANCE Toulouse, Sunday 9 October 2016 at 2215 UTC.

Wind speed in BEAUFORT SCALE.

Sea state in DOUGLAS SCALE.

Please be aware, wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than

the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the

significant height.

WARNING : Regarding the elaboration and dissemination of routine

bulletins, erratic service is possible until 01 November 2016 in the

morning, following a strike notice. However, security aspects will be

monitored on a permanent basis and warning bulletins will be sent


Part 1 : WARNING NR 483.

Part 2 : General synopsis, Sunday 9 at 12 UTC

Low 994 48N30W, moving northeast and expected 993 49N21W by 11/00

UTC. Associated trough extending over FARADAY, ALTAIR and ACORES,

moving eastwards and expected over ROMEO and CHARCOT soon.

Secondary low 1008 38N31W, moving southeast and expected 1013 37N28W

by 10/00 UTC, then moving southwest and expected 1015 32N33W by 11/00


High 1023 33N19W, moving northeast and expected 1021 36N13W by 10/12

UTC, then moving southwest and expected 1021 33N19W by 11/00 UTC.

High 1030 45N49W, moving southeast and expected 1030 41N41W by 11/00


Monsoon trough extends from 11N15W to 07N24W, then ITCZ continues to


Part 3 : Area forecasts to Tuesday 11 at 00 UTC


Northeast 4 or 5, but locally Variable 2 to 4 in far northwest.


Thundery rain or showers in far northwest at end.


North or Northeast 4 or 5, decreasing Variable 2 to 4 in south of CAP

TIMIRIS later.


Some thundery showers in south of CAP TIMIRIS. Some sand haze near



In northwest : East or Northeast 4 or 5, decreasing 3 or 4 soon.

In southeast : Variable 2 to 4.

Moderate, locally slight near coasts.

Thundersqualls with severe gusts.


Southerly 3 or 4, locally Variable 2 to 4 in far northwest.

Slight or moderate.

Thundersqualls in north and near coasts with severe gusts.


South or Southeast 3 or 4, at times 5 in extreme west.

Moderate, decreasing locally slight in north soon.

Some showers near coasts.

Part 4 : outlook for next 24 hours

Persistence of Northwest near gale or gale over east of FARADAY,

northeast of ALTAIR and CHARCOT.

Persistence of Westerly near gale or gale over ROMEO, becoming

Cyclonic later.

Threat of Southeast near gale or gale over PAZENN.

Threat of Southerly near gale over FINISTERRE.

Persistence of Northeast near gale over southwest of ACORES and far

northwest of IRVING at first.

JCOMM official web site provides the marine weather information broadcast via Inmarsat-C SafetyNET by all National Meteorological Services (NMS).

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