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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2016 - Reported to IMB ICC in Last 7 days


12.10.2016: 0300 LT: Posn: 10:16.02N – 107:03.49, Vung Tau Anchorage, Vietnam.

Three robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier. Seeing the robbers, the crew raised the alarm and confronted them. Noticing the alerted crew the robbers escaped empty handed. Incident reported to Vung Tau Port Control. The Authorities boarded the vessel to investigate.


12.10.2016: 0255 LT: Posn: 01:42.5N – 101:29.3E, Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia.

Four robbers armed with knives boarded an anchored bulk carrier. They took one crew as hostage, threatened him with a knife and tied him up. They then stole ships properties from the engine room and escaped. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Incident reported to Dumai Port Control.


06.10.2016: 0412 LT: Posn: 12:01.1S - 077:11.2W, Callao Anchorage, Peru.

Robbers in a wooden skiff approach and boarded an anchored general cargo ship. They stole ship’s properties and escaped unnoticed. The theft was discovered by the duty AB during routine rounds. Incident reported to Port Control.

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