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IMB ICC Live #Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2016 - Reported to IMB ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #ma


20.10.2016: 1347 LT: Posn: 04:32.9N – 119:33.5E, Around 8.2NM SE of Sibutu Island, Philippines.

Six persons armed with guns attacked and boarded a heavy load carrier underway. SSAS alert activated and all non-essential crew retreated to the citadel. The unidentified persons stole crew personal belongings, kidnapped two crew members and escaped. The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre relayed the incident to the Philippine and Malaysian authorities. The Philippine authorities indicated that a naval vessel had responded and boarded the vessel.


20.10.2016: between 0001 to 0400 LT: Posn: 01:42.45N – 101:27.52E, Dumai Tanker Anchorage, Indonesia.

An unknown number of robbers boarded and anchored tanker. They stole engine spare parts and escaped unnoticed. The incident was discovered during routine rounds and was reported to the port control. No response received.


18.10.2016: 0302 LT: Posn: 06:19.31N – 003:22.46E, Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria.

Three robbers in a small unlit wooden boat approached an anchored product tanker at high speed. As the boat tried to come alongside, the alert duty crew raised the alarm, sounded the ship’s whistle and started the fire pump to activate the fire hoses. Seeing the alerted crew and the razor wire hardening the persons aborted the attack and moved away. Port control informed.


12.09.2016: 0645 LT: Posn: 04:45.4S – 011:50.1E, Pointe Noire Inner Anchorage, The Congo.

Robbers boarded an anchored offshore supply ship and escaped with the rescue boat outboard motor. The theft was discovered by the duty bosun during routine rounds and reported to the bridge. Alarm raised and a search was carried out. It was reported that footprints were found around the rescue boat area and the forecastle deck.


14.10.2016: 0245 LT: Posn: Callao Anchorage, Peru.

Four robbers wearing face masks in a small boat approached and came alongside an anchored general cargo ship. Alert crew noticed the robbers, raised the alarm and activated the pressurized fire hoses resulting in the robbers aborting the attempted attack and moving away.


16.09.2016: 0250 LT: Posn: 03:52N - 005:20E, Around 44nm SW of Bayelsa, Nigeria.

While enroute from Port Harcourt to Lagos, 12 pirates armed with guns approached a chemical tanker. One pirate boarded the vessel and heaved up two aluminum ladders to assist the others to board. Seeing movement on the deck the 2/O raised the alarm, made an announcement on the PA and all non-essential crew members mustered in a safe room.

Master activated the SSAS, sent distress message and informed the armed Naval guard onboard. As the pirate boat tried to come alongside and make fast to the tanker, the Master and the Naval Commander onboard decided to fire warning shots.

The pirates returned fire. After an exchange of fire for 30 minutes the pirates aborted and moved away. At daybreak a search was carried out and no pirates were found onboard. The superstructure and deck of the vessel sustained some damage due to the firing. No injuries to the crew or the naval guards reported.

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