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RPG Attack Against Merchant Tanker Bab-el-Mandeb Strait #marsec

Date 26OCT2016

Location Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

Type of incidents ATTACK

Lat. / Long. 13:15N – 043:01E

Source: Al Arabiya

Date: 26 October 2016

Description: Pirates fired a rocket-propelled grenade against the oil tanker MELATI SATU while transiting the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. The crew sent a distress call.

The Saudi Arabian naval ship MAJESTY RIYADH immediately headed to the site to protect the MELATI SATU and escort it during its transit through the Strait. No further information is available at the time of writing. Location is approximate.

This incident has been added to MarTrack and updates will be visible on MarTrack Webview.


This extract taken from various press reports:

"The crew of chemical product tanker Melati Satu sent distress signal for piracy attack, which was received by UAE ship and passed to Saudi Arabian naval ship Majesty Riyadh. The chemical tanker was accompanied through the strait and released to resume voyage to India.The Major General Ahmed Assiri, a Saudi coalition spokesman, reported about the accident and underlined the importance of ensuring the safety for maritime traffic through the Bab al-Mandab Strait between the coast of Djibouti and Yemen.'

It is yet to be confirmed by any other authorities in teh reagion but if true it will be the second attack where RPGs have been used in the last few days.

The use of RPG'S in an attack against a vessel in this shipping choke point is very worrying.

Crews are advised to maintain a good lookout by radar and enhanced watchkeepers, crew should take cover in pre designated areas away from the side of any threat if possible and be prepared to fight any fires caused by an exploding warhead.


More advice is available from ASKET on request including free Emergency Bridge cards and the ASKET Maritime Security App (iOS and Android) which contains guidance on training and rehearsals for MASTERs and crew.

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