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Weather West Africa Meteorological Bulletin MET Area II (Abbreviated) - Cape Verde to Gulf of Guinea

FQNT52 LFPW 302132



Weather bulletin on METAREA 2,

METEO-FRANCE Toulouse, Sunday 30 October 2016 at 2215 UTC.

Wind speed in BEAUFORT SCALE.

Sea state in DOUGLAS SCALE.

Please be aware, wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than

the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the

significant height.

WARNING : Regarding the elaboration and dissemination of routine

bulletins, erratic service is possible until 14 November 2016 in the

morning, following a strike notice. However, security aspects will be

monitored on a permanent basis and warning bulletins will be sent


Part 1 : WARNING NR 512.

Part 2 : General synopsis, Sunday 30 at 12 UTC

Low 1015 35N20W, filling soon.

Low 999 just west of Iceland, moving northeast and filling, expected

1009 68N03W by 01/00 UTC. Associated trough extending southwards and

moving northeast.

New low deepening in this trough and expected 1017 45N17W by 31/00

UTC, moving southeast and expected 1006 42N18W by 01/00 UTC.

New low expected 1003 59N48W by 01/00. Associated trough reaching

northwest of FARADAY at end.

Shallow low 1016 over Morocco coasts, with little change.

High 1032 over Germany, slow-moving soon and moving east later,

expected 1029 over north of Greece by 01/00 UTC.

High 1038 50N35W, moving northeast and expected 1039 57N22W by 01/00

UTC. Associated ridge extending southwards.

The monsoon trough extends from 15N17W to 04N25W to 04N35W.

ITCZ begins and continues along 05N35W to 05N45W.

Part 3 : Area forecasts to Tuesday 1 at 00 UTC


Northerly 2 to 4.

Slight, or moderate.


East or Northeast 4 or 5, at times 6.


Locally thundersqualls with gusts mainly in southwest.


Northeast 4 or 5.

Moderate, locally slight near coasts.


North or Northeast 4 or 5, but locally Variable 1 to 3 in extreme


Moderate, locally slight near coasts.


Mainly Variable 2 to 4, but locally North or Northeast 4 or 5 in


Moderate, but slight near coasts.

Thundersqualls with severe gusts.


Southerly 2 or 3.

Moderate, locally slight near coasts.

Thundersqualls with severe gusts.


In west : Southeast 3 or 4.

In east : Southerly 2 to 4.


Thundersqualls with severe gusts in extreme east.

Part 4 : outlook for next 24 hours

Persistence of Easterly near gale or gale over GIBRALTAR STRAIT and


Persistence of Northeast near gale over FARADAY and ROMEO.

Persistence of North or Northwest near gale or gale over ALTAIR.

Persistence of Cyclonic near gale or gale over CHARCOT, ACORES and


JCOMM official web site provides the marine weather information broadcast via Inmarsat-C SafetyNET by all National Meteorological Services (NMS).

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