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IMB ICC Live #Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2016 - Reported to IMB ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #ma


13.11.2016: 1620 LT: Posn: 03:40.4N - 119:51.6E: around 65nm SE off Sibutu Island, Philippine.

While underway, a chemical tanker was approached and chased by six speed boats with one armed person in each boat. Master alerted ships in the vicinity and commenced manoeuvring the vessel.

Attempts to contact the Philippines Navy were futile. After around 15 minutes the boats moved away.

Vessel and crew safe.


11.11.2016: 0145 LT: Posn: 10:19.4N – 075:31.6W, Mamonal Inner Anchorage, Colombia.

Around four robbers armed with knives boarded an anchored LPG Tanker. Duty AB on routine rounds spotted the robbers and reported to the bridge.

Duty 2/O raised the alarm, made PA announcement and sounded the fog horn continuously. Seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped with stolen ship’s properties. All crew mustered and a search was carried out.

Incident reported to port control and a coast guard patrol boat was dispatched to the area.


11.11.2016: 0433 LT: Posn: 06:40N – 122:31E, Around 10nm NNE Basiland Islands, Philippines.

Ten persons armed with guns approached a general cargo ship underway. Master raised the alarm and activated the SSAS.

The armed persons boarded the vessel and took its crew hostage. They stole ships properties, kidnapped six crew and escaped.

One crew was injured during the incident. Incident reported to the Philippines Coast Guard.

A patrol vessel was dispatched and the authorities boarded and escorted the vessel to a safe port.


06.11.2016: 0405 LT: Posn: Davao Anchorage, Philippines.

Unnoticed by the crew robbers boarded an anchored tanker, stole ship’s stores and escaped.

The theft was noticed by the duty crew on routine rounds.

Port control informed.


09.11.2016: 0450 LT: Posn: 01:41.5N – 101:30.2E, Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia.

Ten robbers armed with knives boarded an anchored tanker and entered the engine room. They took hostage the duty oiler, punched him, tied him up and threatened him with a knife. They then stole engine spares and escaped. The oiler managed to untie himself and notified the master. Alarm raised, crew mustered and onboard investigation was conducted.

Incident reported to Dumai Port Authority.


07.11.2016: 0500 LT: Posn: Berbice Port, Guyana.

Duty officer onboard a berthed general cargo ship noticed a robber attempting to board the vessel from the stern using a hook attached to a pole.

The duty officer and A/B confronted the robber and threatened to call the police resulting in the robber aborting the boarding. No injury to crew and nothing stolen.


01.11.2016: 0410 LT: Posn: Port Au Prince Anchorage, Haiti.

An unknown number of robbers boarded an anchored Bulk Carrier, via the anchor chain, stole ship stores and escaped unnoticed.

Crew noticed the theft on routine rounds and informed port control.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center:

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