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theBridge Relaunched!

ASKET are please to announce the return of theBridge;

theBRIDGE returns full of energy and enthusiasm and will be published quarterly and sent out to our readership free of charge.

We hope theBRIDGE will prompt debate and discussion, as almost all of the subjects we will examine will be constantly evolving. We want to engage with our readers and are very keen to hear your thoughts and opinions, some of which we will publish in the next issue of the BRIDGE. If you want to make a comment or initiate a debate please write to

The reinvigorated magazine is independent and self-determining, able to examine new subjects and global events carefully and objectively, provide balanced analysis and look at how security concerns may affect the maritime industry. But what, some of you ask, is maritime security? What does it mean, what does it include? How does it affect me? This is one of those very challenging questions, as it can mean very different things to different people depending upon whether you are an Admiral, a commercial ship owner, a fisherman, the superintendent of an offshore platform, a harbour master or a member of a community living on a coastline.

Here’s an overview of what’s inside this issue:

  • A note on the work of Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI)

  • Reduced HRA Has A Financial Impact On PMSC

  • Cyber Security Challenges In The Gulf Of Guinea

  • Out Of Africa: MTISC To MDAT

  • Proliferation Of Contracted Maritime Security Services Security

  • Considerations For Undersea Mining

  • An Objective Review Of The CSO Alliance

Download theBridge here:

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