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Pirate Action Group (PAG) Operating Sighted, Doc Island, Philippines #marsec #piracy

Date 23NOV2016

Location 6NM SW of Doc Can Island, Philippines

Type of incidents PAG

Lat. / Long. 05:55N – 119:50E

Source: ICC-IMB

Date: 23 November 2016 2322 UTC

Description: Seven gunmen on board a speedboat wearing black masks approached a vessel underway at stern. Master raised the alarm and conducted anti-piracy measures.

Gunmen aborted the approach due to crew alertness and hardening measures taken by vessel. Master warned other vessels via VHF channel 16. All crew reported safe.

This incident has been added to MarTrack and updates will be visible on MarTrack Webview, Matrack Silver service is available for Free when a transit is brokered through ASKET

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