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Global Kidnap Report – November 2016 - NYA

In this report:

1. Three Libyan Defence Ministry staff members kidnapped in Libya

2. Islamic State militants kidnapped 295 people near Tal Afar in Iraq

3. Houthi rebels released US national after 17 months in captivity in Yemen

4. Former minister of foreign affairs kidnapped in Nigeria

5. Five gunmen kidnapped a 70-year-old businessman of Asian origin in Mozambique

6. An organised criminal gang kidnapped 12 people in Mexico

7. A US judge was kidnapped for ransom while on holiday in Colombia

8. Police rescued a 35-year-old businessman kidnapped in Venezuela

9. Australian aid worker kidnapped at gunpoint in Afghanistan

10. Six kidnap for ransom incidents targeted Tsinoy community in the Philippines

Download the full report here:

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