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Piracy Report November 2016 - Lydelle Joubert

Lydelle Joubert:


The 2016 heat map indicates several areas with a high concentration of piracy and robbery of vessels .

These areas are the coast of Bayelsa , Nigeria ; the Sulu and Celebes Seas between Southern Sabah, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia ; the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh ; and the Strait of Malacca and its eastern approaches .

Anchorages with high reported robberies and attempted robberies in 2016 are :

• Callao Anchorage, Peru – 10

• Kandla Port and Anchorages in India – 10 . Most of these incidents occurred in Jan and February 2016 and it seems that robberies are currently under control .

• Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia – 9

• Pointe Noire Anchorages, Congo – 7

• Samarinda Anchorages , Indonesia – 7

• Vung Tau Anchorage, Vietnam – 7

• Tanjung Priok Anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia – 6

• Lagos Port, Jetties and Anchorage Area, Nigeria – 6

Kidnappings off the Philippines and Malaysia shown a shift in target to larger commercial vessels in October/November 2016 . 53 crew members were abducted off the Philippines and Malaysia by Abu Sayyaf (ASG) or associated groups in 2016 .

Vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden should remain vigilant.

Although commercial vessels may not be a direct target, tension is high in the region and there is the threat of collateral damage . It is recommended that vessels should stay well clear of Yemen if possible when transiting the Red Sea and to implement Best Management Practices (BMP 4).

An increase of robberies and attempted robberies in anchorages in South and Central America and the Caribbean were reported in November 2016 .

Download the full report here:

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