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Merchant Vessel Fired Upon - Nigeria #marsec #piracy

Date 21DEC2016

Location 70NM SW of Bayelsa state, Nigeria Type of incidents

ATTACK Lat. / Long. 03:22N – 005:14E

Source(s): BI, MDAT-GoG

Date: 21 December 2016, 1743 UTC


A merchant vessel was being followed by two fast boats to 1NM when they opened fire against the vessel.

There were six persons on board each speed boat.

The merchant vessel and crew are reportedly safe after carrying out anti-piracy manoeuvers.

This incident has been added to MarTrack and updates will be visible on MarTrack Webview.


Please be advised that following the Maritime Security Alert for West Africa dated 21 December 2016, the following information has become available:

BI confirmed that one skiff with approximately 10 POB attacked the merchant vessel MAERSK CALABAR. The incident took place between 1820LT and 1920LT. No security personnel were on board the vessel during the time of the attack. No mother vessel was sighted in the vicinity.

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