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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec

1. UKMTO released 2 Advisories this week (see below).

2. This week’s chart shows the disposition of those maritime security incidents during 2016 that carried a heightened degree of suspicion. 11 were released as Advisories.

3. The total number of 11 Advisories is significantly less than the previous year when 43 were released.

This may be attributable to a number of factors such as improved Pattern of Life awareness by ship’s crew, use of embarked Armed Security Teams, increased naval activity in the region due to the Yemen conflict, presence of international maritime forces including independent deployers and Focused Operations by the Combined Maritime Forces to educate merchant and fishing communities.

The majority of these incidents were reported in the Southern Red Sea and vicinity of the Bab el Mandeb which although not uncommon, increased towards the latter part of the year and is most likely due to spill over into the maritime domain from regional tensions and a heightened state of vigilance by mariners.

Note: Advisory 006/OCT/16 involving MV CPO Korea was assessed by all CP groups as the first piracy attack in the region for over 2 years.

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