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ReCaap Annual Report - Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia 2016 #marsec #SEAS #Shipping #

There has been a significant improvement in the situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia in 2016 compared to the past four years (2012-2015). The total number of incidents reported in 2016 has decreased by 58% compared to 2015.

The decrease in overall numbers for 2016 was most apparent in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore (SOMS). Two incidents were reported in the SOMS in 2016 compared to 104 incidents reported there in 2015.

However, of serious concern was incidents involving the abduction of crew from ships while underway in the Sulu-Celebes Sea and waters off eastern Sabah which accounted for 10 of the 13 Category 1 incidents. Most of these incidents were claimed by a terrorist group based in the Philippines. The other three Category 1 incidents involved the hijacking of ships for theft of oil cargo.

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