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Floating Armouries Provider to Withdraw Vessels #marsec #piracy #shipping

A recent formal notification by the Floating Armoury service provider, Sovereign Global Services (SGS), states that they will cease to provide the facility to private maritime security company's (PMSC) after mid-February 2017. As one of the larger Floating Armoury service providers, this will potentially have a significant impact on the logistical dynamic for the embarkation and disembarkation of privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) in the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Oman.

The Aladin Floating Armoury Vessel in the Gulf of Oman

The Aladin Floating Armoury Vessel in the Gulf of Oman

BIMCO issued its revised Guidance for GUARDCON published in November 2016 where they re emphasis the importance checking the legitimacy of all weapon serial numbers against licences and permits provided held by the PCASP to ensure that weapons are not being "rented" or "borrowed".

ASKET supports Legal Compliance of Private Maritime Security Companies and Monitoring of Weapons in the Indian Ocean​ through a unique Data Base.

Our Compliance team monitors Weapons, licences and End User Certificates on a transit by transit basis and checks the legalities of those weapons for the flag state and owner.​

ASKET also provides over site on other issues such as use of floating armouries (see note), equipment suitability and competency of contracted Maritime Security Officers.

Please contact our team for further details or to book a secure transit in confidence.


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Note: The PMSCs can only use the armouries specified in their licence which includes land-based as well as floating armouries.

See Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Export Control Organisation ‘Open general trade control licence (maritime anti-piracy)’ (accessed 24/01/2017)

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