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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2017 - Reported to #IMB #ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #m


Bulk Carrier

19.01.2017: 0755 UTC:

Posn: 02:43.0S – 080:24.0W, Guayaquil Outer Anchorage, Ecuador.

Unknown numbers of robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier, stole ship’s properties and escaped unnoticed. The theft was noticed by the duty crew during routine rounds. Incident was reported to the local agents.



1955 UTC: Posn: 22:05.8N – 091:48.8E, Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh.

Four robbers armed with knives boarded an anchored container ship using a hook attached with a rope. Duty crew noticed the robbers on the aft mooring station and raised the alarm, made an announcement on PA system and mustered the crew. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped with the ship’s stores.

The incident was reported to the Port Control and Chittagong Coast Guard.

After a few hours the Coast Guard notified the ship that two suspicious boats were stopped and searched but the stolen stores were not recovered.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center:

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