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Update to British Admiralty Chart Q6110 - Mediterranean Sea Maritime Security Chart #marsec

The Mediterranean Sea Security Chart (Q6110) has now been updated by the British Admiralty to include information specific to Operation Sea Guardian.

The chart includes information on the operation, how merchant vessels can support Operation Sea Guardian, and the related Voluntary Reporting Scheme.

The Reporting Scheme encourages vessels operating in the Mediterranean Sea to provide contact and movement information to the NATO Shipping Centre, enabling NSC to contact them directly in case of an emergent security threat. Two advancements have been made in the Voluntary Reporting Scheme. First, reports may now be made electronically here. Second, so that NSC may keep its information up to date, reports are requested for vessels entering and leaving the Mediterranean or a port within it.

Download PDF Version here Mediterranean Sea Security Chart (Q6110)

Please contact NSC at or +44 (0) 1923956574 with any questions on these matters.

NATO Shipping Centre

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