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12th February 1907 - The Collision of the Larchmont and the Harry P. Knowlton - Rhode Island #mariti

New England winters are well known for their ferocious stormy weather, and many have become victims of its relentless storms over the years, especially where many storms came upon vessels with little warning.

One of the worst disasters in Rhode Island’s maritime history involved the collision of the Larchmont and the Harry P Knowlton during a fierce winter storm.

About 150 of the 200 people aboard were lost.

'Awakened from slumbers in their staterooms, the unfortunate passengers were at the mercy of the fates. Many, it is believed, went down with the ship. Others, temporarily thankful that they had escaped drowning, prayed that they might be relieved of the terrible pain caused by their frozen bodies, and one man, a passenger whose name could not be learned, plunged a knife into his throat, and ended his suffering.'

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