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IMO - Preventive Strategies for Maritime Security

The importance of well-coordinated, risk-based preventive strategies to counter maritime security threats was highlighted by IMO’s Chris Trelawny, Special Adviser on Maritime Security and Facilitation, during a debate at the United Nations Security Council (13 February).

The UN body, which has the responsibility for maintenance of international peace and security, adopted a resolution urging international collaboration to protect critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks. Speaking during the open debate, Mr. Trelawny highlighted IMO’s extensive programme of technical cooperation activities to assist Member States to develop capacity and capability to deter, prevent, detect and respond to security threats. (Video here.)

IMO has adopted a range of mandatory instruments which support the protection of critical infrastructure, including maritime security measures for ships and ports under the SOLAS Convention; the Facilitation Convention, which addresses the stay and departure of ships; and the suppression of unlawful acts (SUA) treaties.

IMO has also developed a range of guidance, self-assessment tools and training materials for the protection of ports, ships and offshore installations. IMO’s main focus is on preventive security through a continuous risk management process.

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