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ASKET Ltd is the worlds leading maritime security brokerage, established in 2013 to provide a free professional and fully independent service working in direct support to ship owners, managers, charterers and underwriters.

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Driving quality and compliance we are working hard to reduce many of the risk, time and cost pressures associated with the contracting of Security Providers, Security Services and Private Maritime Security Companies in the Indian Ocean and West Africa.

Our aim is to help ensure that vessels and crew remain safe whilst transiting the HRA or West Africa, protecting the company’s assets and reputation and at the same time saving time, costs and protecting reputations.

Fill in our transit request form, e mail or call us now to receive comparison quotes from our Approved Suppliers, or your preferred PMSC's:

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In a recent survey 80% of those questioned said they had saved time and cost using ASKET to procure their maritime security services.

Whilst helping our clients to save significant amounts of money and time, we also help them improve the management of security capacity and enhance resilience against attacks. Our focus however, is on enhancing quality in the Maritime Security space.

The more ship owners and operators we support the more we are able to reinvest into our services and the more the shipping industry will benefit.

ASKET Free services provide;

ASKET Weapons Database and EUC Check

•Quality assurance of PMSCs – reducing reputational risk;

•Additional layer of Due Diligence - reducing the potential for financial and legal exposure for flag and owner;

•Cost free clearing process for flag and shipping clients – saving operating costs;

•Clear, swift process with competitive pricing - maintaining high levels of quality and compliance;

Constant monitoring of service by ASKET – reducing admin burden on safety & security management teams;

•Access to unparalleled information and advice on specific concerns – enabling rapid risk management decisions;

ASKET Broking Services are free to our Shipping Clients; a full range of services and free resources, such as our Maritime Security App, can be found on our web site

For more information please contact one of the team at +44 7827 012 195

ASKET Transit Request Form click to open:

ASKET Ltd-PMSC-HRA-West Africa-Transit Request Form

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