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Car Carrier Boarded and Impounded by Militants in Libya - Now Released - #marsec #maritime #security

Morning Compass previously reported as being held in a Libyan Port has been allowed to continue its onward voyage.

On Friday the 2013-built car carrier Morning Compass was seized by Libyan militants led by local warlord Khalifa Haftar and escorted to the country’s Ras Al Hilal port, according to local media.

Libyan News Agency (LANA) reported that the ship was intercepted because it was sailing in a no-entry military zone.

'A boat of Khalifa Haftar-led forces intercepted a commercial ship sailing on the sea from South Korea and heading to Misrata port.

Haftar’s forces led the seized ship with 12 Filipino sailors to Ras Al-Hilal port in east Libya.

According to reliable eastern sources, the ship is owned by EUKOR Car Carriers Inc. and it has been shipping over 5000 cars to Misrata before Haftar-led forces’ interception.

The Libyan News Agency (LANA) of Al-Thanni-chaired eastern government reported the leader of the interception operation as saying that the ship did not take heed of the calls of their patrols, adding that it was sailing in a no-entry military zone.

“We sent a boat to stop the ship and then the ship was tugged into Ras Al-Hilal port to be scoured by the navy personnel.” Eastern LANA said.

This was not the first time Haftar’s forces seize a commercial ship in the Libyan water.

Earlier, they intercepted a ship heading to Derna with a cargo of heavy crude oil used for operating the city’s power plant.'

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