google-site-verification: googlee9447d3b266da5de.html Armed Guards - Are Yours Sharing Weapons? - North of England P&I #NEPIA #insurance #pandi #marse

Armed Guards - Are Yours Sharing Weapons? - North of England P&I #NEPIA #insurance #pandi #marse

The private maritime security industry has consolidated significantly, but remains fluid. It wrestles with the challenges of a perceived reducing threat, a crowded and immature market with some PMSCs negotiating unsustainably low charges for transits, set against international community and shipping association’s ever increasing demand for high standards of compliance.

The stage is set for a worrying situation to suddenly get much worse. Increasing competition, caused by consolidation in the private maritime security industry, has led to an emerging practice of borrowing and renting of weapons illegally by some PMSCs, which is snowballing.

Illegal use of weapons by PCASP could breach contracts and may affect a vessel's insurance policies. Furthermore without weapon ownership verification conducted effectively ships may be detained in ports.

As problems emerge, solutions appear as well which will help the diligent flag State, ship owner and charterer to protect themselves from these risks as weapon verification organisations become established. It is too early to know exactly how this situation will develop, but the more proactive are always in a stronger position.

Top Image- Floating Armouries in the Gulf of Oman (ASKET)

Bottom Image- ASKET Weapons, Licence & EUC Database

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Weapons Monitoring and Equipment Checking has been a standard service to our shipping clients since ASKET first began to broker transits in 2013, during this time we have uncovered various illegal practices including Weapons Sharing and Renting, and breaking of UN Sanctions.

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