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North P&I - status of Libyan ports Update #marsec #pandi #insurance #shipping

North has received the following information from local P&I correspondents on the status of Libyan ports:

Open Ports:

  • Mellitah

  • Zawia

  • Tripoli

  • Misurata

  • Marsa El Brega

  • Tobruk

  • Al Khoms

  • Marsa El Hariga

  • Farwah

  • Bouri

  • Es Sider

  • Ras Lanuf

  • Zuetina

Closed Ports:

  • Benghazi

  • Derna

  • Sirte

Members should report their schedules to local port agents prior to arrival at any Libyan port, including a declaration of the vessel’s sailing route, whether they are loading or discharging cargo and the type of cargo on board, so that the agents can notify the appropriate authorities.

All vessels should avoid navigating in the coastal waters of Benghazi, Derna and Sirte, including the militarised area south of 34 00’N.

Navarea III warning 225/2017 recommends that all vessels navigating within close proximity to the militarised area south of 34 00’N should proceed with extreme caution and report their position to the nearest Coastal Station in order to receive a safe track-line.

Reports must also be made to Maritime Transport Authority 72 hours before arriving in the militarised zone. Contact details are included in Navarea III warning 225/2017 which can be found by clicking here.

Please note the above information is correct as of 21 February 2017.

Original update here NEPIA

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